Traditional Healer

Healer rituals

Traditional healer rituals to remove bad luck, cleanse your spirit, remove obstacles that are preventing you from succeeding in life, love & your career

Healer rituals to help you overcome financial problems.

Get rid of debt, win money or secure a job promotion with the help of traditional healer rituals

Traditional healing services to help with spiritual cleansing of your life for money, love, success & spiritual rituals

White Sangomas

White Sangomas

A white sangoma is a caucasian person who is a sangoma. In the spirit world there is no white or black so a white person can become a sangoma, since there is no racism in the spirit world

White sangoma have not recieved wide acceptance in African countries because of the mistaken view that white people dont have ancestors

Sangomas are the traditional healers of South Africa & are responsible for the the spiritual wellbeing of their community – treating the human condition.The growing acceptance of traditional medicine is facilitating the entry of white people into the trade as white sangomas

The ancestors of white sangomas

The ancestors of white sangomas

Key to demystifying the concept of white sangomas is understanding that all human beings have ancestral spirits so can be called to be sangomas or traditional healers

White Sangoma thwasa

White Sangomas

The thwasa & ancestral calling for white sangoma's is the same as that for black or asian sangomas. The ancestral spirits are color blind